Friday, 8 May 2009

Changes in BSTIG

It is with pleasure that i announce the first in the series of appointments for Brothers Standing in the Gap! (BSTIG!). Effective from May 1, 2009, Ms Adetutu Audu, a journalist with The News, a leading Nigerian Newspaper would assume the position of Regional Team Leader overseeing the operations of BSTIG in South West Nigeria.

As RTL, Ms Audu would oversee the affairs of BSTIG! in Nigeria which include organizing and coordinating the activities of the movement; working with our members, partners and other ministries; publicizing the activities of the movement and managing media outreaches of the ministry. She will also work in ensuring that the editorial aspects of all contents are suitable for publication. Other responsibilities include keeping a database of all membership, partnership and alliances of the movement.

As a believer herself, Ms Audu is eminently qualified to serve in this position. She currently serves in a leadership position in her church and is able to effectively maintain a weekly column in her organisation's tabloid amongst other things. Her faith in the power of prayer and her commitment to ministerial excellence are her strongest virtues.

She needs all our prayers to make a success of this position, which she is taking up as a volunteer without any pecuniary reward or salary. She is absolutely resolute that God is involved in this project and with that conviction, i am asking that we lift her up in prayers to God to imbue her with the wisdom and grace to excel in this assignment.

On behalf of all the Men (and Women, of course) of BSTIG!, please join me in welcoming on board our RTL, Ms Adetutu Audu.

Gbenga Shadare
BSTIG! International


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