Saturday, 22 November 2008


Dear Friends,

You will observe that in the last few weeks there has been complete silence from my end on this platform. Some of my friends called and others got in touch to know what was happening. The truth of the matter is that so many things happened but all things we were working (and indeed worked) together for good to the praise and glory of HIS name!!

People were prayed for and got healed. Testimonies continued to abound and many counsellings and deliverance sessions restored joy, hope and peace to many. God manifested HIS power and glory in unprecedented manner and, we saw, and experienced once again, HIS great benevolence.

The truth of the matter was that in the unfolding cadence of divine love and grace, the attention and commitment that this wonderful movement required were lacking and after several months it has become needful to move forward with a new structure.

We now need volunteers and willing members who would like to serve in some capacities that would aid in the transition of the group into the next phase that the Lord is taking us. God gave us a mandate to be present everywhere in the globe where our members are located. We shall soon be moving ahead to have a major PRAYER DAY - a ONE DAY EVENT in some cities next year. London, Cape Town, Chicago and/or New York and also Lagos are already planned in the year 2009.

To do this would require the support, participation and commitment of many members. I know there are many capable and committed people out there and i would like to receive your expression of interests as well as your ideas in the next coming months. For those who would like to send in their suggestions via email please send your mails to: or
My phone numbers would also be available for those who would like to speak with me. In the meantime, i appreciate the support of everyone and look forward to your sustained commitment in the spirit as well as your prayers and love in the days ahead.

God bless you.

Gbenga Shadare


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