Friday, 3 July 2009

From Pit To The Peak

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" (Rm 8:28).

Joseph was a dreamer, but dream-like potential needs to be tapped,developed and must pass through many processing stages before it can be translated to reality. What a paradox of life when Joseph who was to
become great was disadvantaged as his life was mortgaged by his brothers.
His life was not prized therefore he was sold for a cheap price.A great personality was reduced to a mere nonentity, his garment of many colours was parted, but his beautiful dream could not depart. It is integrity that leads to dignity not the way you dress to impress.

When God determines to do great thing, people that surround you will be blinded...they conspired to slay Joseph. They planned to stop divine purpose but they could only help to develop the stuff in Joseph
for his topmost career. Joseph knew that with God there is no failure; sustainability of grace comes when one learns to maintain his composure in distress,then honour will be attained and retained.

In Egypt as a slave, he was a prosperous young man. He feared God as his master's wife delighted to blight his dreams. Joseph flee fornication! Many destinies are caged, wasted today because the prime
minister to be have submitted his glory to his master's wife, prostitutes, girls of his daughters age...etc!. GREAT THINGS ARE ABORTED IF ONE CANNOT ABHOR SIN.

He suffered for righteousness sake, was imprisoned but he was still a prosperous man in the prison; dedicated, diligent, faithful and full of charity. Not only a dreamer but a proficient dream interpreter; right there in prison he was a problem solver. There is ability in disability, creativity in captivity. Where you are is not who you are if only you can have the right attitude. Someone said "this life was not created to be a prison but designed to be a platform for creativity, an expression that is colourful and challenging and upon which you have many interludes and adventures -but always because they bring you joy"

From what happened to Joseph we can see that our enemies are not real detractors but TRACTORS that wheel us to the place of honour. They are caretakers that hold the future secured for us. Pharaoh's officer that Joseph interpreted dream for, forgot him. Until God remembers you no man can do you good. If this officer had remembered Joseph before pharaoh did what Joseph could have received was state pardon with no benefit but God's gift in Joseph moved him from personal to national level within the space of 13years. Pharaoh was puzzled by dreams which Joseph was called to interprete; when you carry solution to people's problem your value will be highly celebrated and appreciated.

Joseph gave an astounding recommendation pharaoh was thrilled and made Joseph the prime minister: "each man has his own vocation,the talent is the call". You cannot become what you are not worth."The difference between a champion and an average achiever is the ability to accept rejection and failure: the road to success is not without a puncture."

Are you a failure today? nobody to bail you from jail, no way to sail through? Wail not nor derail. Serve God with integrity of heart. He will bring you from pit to the peak. Brace up to face your goal. Power your way into the future, set the pace to blaze a new trail. Learn deep lesson from Joseph. His experience is your advantage.

Remain blessed


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