Saturday, 19 July 2008

Prayer Points for this week ending - 19th July, 2008

Dear Members,

Here are the prayer points for the week. We shall be praying these prayers till next weekend.

However, we shall also be lifting up other needs as they arise.

May you be strengthened and showered with grace as you stand in the gap. Amen.

Here are the prayer points!!!

1. Let us lift the youths of England(United Kingdom) who have become embroiled in gangsterism and in particular, lets pray against the increasing number of knife crimes and the deaths associated with it.

2. We should pray against demonic strongholds that the enemy has constructed to keep these knife crimes on the increase and we should destroy the spirit of violence behind the crimes.

3. Lets us pray the our sons should be as plants grown up in their youths and our daughters should polished after the similitudes of the palace. That the allure of gangsterism would lose its appeal to youths.

4.That there shall no more be violence on our streets and that government functionaries and politicians would embrace the righteous solutions that the Holy Spirit would inspire to bring the scourge to an end.

5. Let us also pray that families that have been ravaged by these crimes - whose kids or loved ones have fallen victims be comforted. And also, that God would strengthen the families wherein the youths - the perpetrators of these crimes come from - so that they would be effective and not dysfunctional families.

6. That God would make homes and families really strong in the place of discipline, love, prayers, sound training and instruction of children, and that divorce and the ills afflicting homes which in turn is causing kids and youths to be reared in single parent homes or in homes that are dysfunctional be stopped.

7. Lets pray for the restoration of good family values in many homes across England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland in the mighty name of Jesus.

8.We should also pray that God would raise more role models in our homes, and society that would be standard bearers of righteousness and beacons of integrity in the mighty name of Jesus.

9.We should pray, also, that righteousness would exalt this Nation - United Kingdom, in the mighty name of Jesus..

10.Finally, we should pray that the fear of the Lord should be the Treasure of the youths, and their parents in particular in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

To God be the glory. Halleluyah!! Amen.


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